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Best way to learn Mandarin

An English-speaking adult usually speaks or listens at the rate of 150 words per minute and reads at the rate of 300. With Goabird you can read Chinese articles and watch Chinese videos on YouTube as fast as a native speaker from the day one.

How to learn Chinese characters

When children learn to speak, they memorize how to pronounce words and what those words mean. Children get grammar naturally, because they don't learn words one by one, they learn them as parts of phrases.

Children in China learn the English alphabet to read Chinese. When children learn to read they memorize the English alphabet because memorizing all the 26 letters of the English alphabet is faster than memorizing all the Chinese characters. Children cannot read any Chinese characters directly, so they read books where every Chinese character has its pronunciation on top.

In China and elsewhere, everyone reads the Chinese characters using a pinyin romanization system. With it, you read Chinese with the English alphabet and pronounce most of the letters the same way you pronounce them in English.

Goabird displays pronunciations on top of Chinese sentences on any websites and on top of Chinese videos, too.

Everyone will love your Chinese

Watch YouTube videos in English with Chinese characters on top to memorize basic Chinese characters. Read articles on English-language websites like Facebook and Wikipedia and learn Chinese characters at the same time.

Then start watching Chinese YouTube videos and see translations on top of real Chinese sentences. Learn on Chinese-language websites like YouTube Taiwan, Baidu and Youku. This way you will learn basic Chinese.

Finally, watch Chinese videos on YouTube with pronunciations on top of Chinese words. This way Chinese will be as easy to learn as any alphabet-based language. Children in China learn this way.

Goabird displays translations and pronunciations of individual words and phrases right on top of them on any websites and YouTube videos.

Read all the Chinese characters from the Chinese editions of The New York Times, The Financial Times, Engadget or any other website. Watch Chinese videos from YouTube and read Chinese comments. See Chinese characters and their pronunciations, both at the same time.

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